Vocode provides tools and abstractions to build any kind of voice-based application on top of LLMs. Examples of things you can build with Vocode include setting up LLMs to answer/make phone calls, act as personal assistants, join Zoom meetings, and more. What Vocode provides:

  • Conversation abstractions (streaming, turn-based)
  • Conversation functionality (endpointing, emotion tracking)
  • Integrations to all of the best speech-to-text/text-to-speech providers
  • Cross-platform support (telephony, web, Zoom)

Hosted Service

The Vocode hosted service allows you to automate inbound/outbound calls via API. Users can program agents to execute arbitrary tasks and leverage our integrations, or build their own.

It is built with maximum developer flexibility in mind so you can embed an AI call center directly in your product or operations flows. Get started with the Hosted Service.

Open Source Library

Most of what we build is open source and free to use! Leverage all of the features mentioned in the introduction by taking a look at our open source repos. Get started with Open Source.


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