The Vocode API allows you to configure whether or not to run automatic rudimentary detection on outbound calls as to whether or not the receiving party has indicated they would like to be placed on a Do Not Call list. Additionally, if Do Not Call analysis was run on a call, the result will be populated into a field on the Call object returned from the Get Call endpoint.

By default, if the run_do_not_call_detection argument is not supplied, Vocode will not run Do Not Call detection.

Example 1: Run Do Not Call detection on an outbound call, and retrieve the result

The run_do_not_call_detection parameter on outbound call creation defines whether or not to run rudimentary Do Not Call analysis.

from vocode import CreateCallAgentParams, PromptParams

    from_number="<YOUR VOCODE NUMBER>",
            content="Ask Eliot if the sun is on today"

After the call has completed, we can query for calls as usual, and find the returned Call object has the Do Not Call detection result set:



  "id": "call_id",
  "to_number": "123456789",
  "from_number": "123456789",
  "do_not_call_result": true,