Now that we have our receptionist Agent configured, we want to set up an automation so that every time we receive a call, we can process the results once the call has ended.

Setting up our webhook

We’ll use the Webhooks feature on the Agent to configure our automations. First, let’s create a webhook that posts to "" every time a call ends.

from vocode import AgentUpdateParams, EventType, HttpMethod, WebhookUpdateParams

new_webhook = WebhookUpdateParams(

Now, we can add this to our Agent by using the agent/update endpoint like before:

update_response = vocode_client.agents.update_agent(

Sample webhook server

In order to process the result of our webhook, we can set up a simple endpoint to receive webhook messages from Vocode. makes it very easy to set up a sample endpoint.

For a full list of webhook events and other capabilities, check out our guide on Webhooks.