Prompt Basics

Prompts are instructions that you can write in natural language to instruct Vocode Agents how to behave. In this guide, we’ll cover how prompts are represented in the Vocode API. For best practices on prompting, check out our guide on Prompt Engineering.

Vocode Prompts

Standard prompts can only contain raw text. Here is an example for how to create a standard prompt:

PROMPT = """
sample prompt

prompt = vocode_client.prompts.create_prompt(request=PromptParams(content=PROMPT))

We can assign this to an agent via the agent update endpoint like so:

update_response = vocode_client.agents.update_agent(

Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering is a critical part of setting up your agent correctly. Poorly instructing your agent could cause it to underperform expectations.

We’ve compiled some best practices in our guide for Prompt Engineering.