Agent Factories

Agent factories specify which agents are available to your app. In order to connect an agent to your app, you must first define an agent factory. To do so, subclass the AgentFactory class to specify how agents are created. Here you can import and use your own custom agents.


First define your AgentFactory:

from vocode.streaming.agent.factory import AgentFactory

class MyAgentFactory(AgentFactory):
    def __init__(self, agent_config: AgentConfig, action_factory: MyActionFactory):
        self.agent_config = agent_config
        self.action_factory = action_factory

    def create_agent(
        self, agent_config: AgentConfig, logger: Optional[logging.Logger] = None
    ) -> BaseAgent:
        if agent_config.type == "MY_ACTION":
            return MyActionAgent(
                agent_config=typing.cast(ActionAgentConfig, self.agent_config),
        raise Exception("Invalid agent config")

Then, in your app, you can connect the agent to the app:

telephony_server = TelephonyServer(
        agent_config=agent_config, action_factory=action_factory),